About Us

We live in a world of our own making. And we want to extend that creativity to you.

We truly believe that art is an extension of oneself. Art was the first language early man used to depict thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Without language incorporating cohesive thought and experience, there is no society. Without society there is nothing but the vast and formless ocean that lies within, absent of vectors, and without tools to make itself physically known.

The artist’s challenge therefore, is to connect us all non-verbally, and to depict the human experience and its totality of excitement, tumultuousness, and complexity into an image that challenges and inspires. Another challenge of an artist is to get that same emotional response to be transferred from the creation of an image to the spectator that observes it. This is cohesion in its most basic form. To define the human experience at its most complex, into an image that defies and inspires, is an undertaking not for the faint of heart. Only those that have had this task, know how daunting it can oftentimes be.

In a larger sense, art can also be used to influence the world of industry and commerce. The meaning depicted in one single image can influence a society to foster dramatic change. One simple image can be integrated into a culture’s underlying psychology and ultimate identity like no other device known to man. Where would we be today without such ubiquitous images within our lives such as the steely Apple logo? The commanding pale ‘X’ over a darkened background? The liberal blue and conservative red donkey and elephant that is the base of the American political spectrum and ethos that determines the dichotomy of a people. A host of other images follow that define our very archetypes, identities, and realities involving the human collective, embracing varied civilizations, and chapters in history that we are placed within our lifetimes. The list is infinite. 

Our gallery resides in a warm, lush, and tropical setting connected to nature, where inspiration runs deep and new ideas abound. Our enthusiasm is found in the people, the faces, the emotions and the rich environment we experience along the way defining our moments. Here in our studios, it all begins with the fine art concept; the original sketch, which radiates out to the finest wearable pieces to accentuate your eclectic wardrobe in the most creative and fashionable way. We have therefore partnered with our well-respected manufacturer, Le Galeriste, to ensure the finest materials are used, along with the most arresting designs and accessories to truly encapsulate what it means to be unbridled, creative and free-spirited.  

Visualize the arts: don’t just wear clothing, wear the expressionism that we know your life needs and loves for the fullest expansion of you! Dare to participate in creating the most unusual, one-of-a-kind wardrobe for only the most discerning personality as we all embark on the best journey and voyage there is: the journey of life; the resplendent safari.

For that, we agree. We design. We express. We experience unbridled creativity, unbridled freedom of spirit, and ubiquitous allure. We do everything we can to evoke these sparks within an individual, a group, even an organization, because they are what make us inherently human.

Be a part of our artistic family, and dare to be dressed authentically beautiful.

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